Established by a team specialized in the relevant sector with long years of professional experience, TIMSAN Transformatör Sanayi Ltd Şti. now has a large organization with new experts and professionals included to the structure in parallel to the company growth. Today, thanks to its factory having a strong production capacity located on a large area in Malatya Organized Industrial Zone and with its developed technical infrastructure, TIMSAN has become one the leading transformer brands in Turkey in a considerably short time. Manufacturing Outdoor/Indoor Power Transformers in a capacity from 25 kVA to 2500 kVA and with voltage side from 6,3 kV to 36 kV that are in oil-immersed, hermetic type or with an oil expansion tank, Timsan’s products which are cost efficient, high efficiency and safe also comply with current standards and specifications. With a proven quality with the certifications of ISO 9001 2000 Quality System and ISO 14000 Environmental Management System, transformers of Timsan is certified from internationally accredited ICMET CRAIOVA / ROMANIA testing laboratory. All inputs and raw materials used by Timsan in the manufacturing process are supplied from world famous domestic and foreign producers. In this regard, TIMSAN Transformers offer maximum utility with minimum maintenance advantage for the consumers as they are manufactured from top quality materials by use of reliable methods. Becoming a well-known brand with its product quality not only in Turkey but also in the world by offering to its customers beyond their expectations instead of their expectations constitutes the basic vision of Timsan. Thanks to its management team following needs and innovations in the transformer manufacturing industry closely besides its well-trained and highly qualified human resources and customers who reward quality, Timsan, every passing day, makes this vision a reality instead of only being an ideal. TİMSAN undertakes to manufacture a safe product suitable for its intended use of cost efficiency by complying with the current quality management standards, technical drawings, regulations and by providing demanded product and service features specified in the agreements executed with the customers during manufacturing process, and to supply the best service after delivery of the product. It provides continuous improvement in product and service quality and gives feedback to the customer on this matter after considering customer reactions related to product and service quality. It applies a specific control over continuous improvement by help of the data obtained. After determining its quality goals, TIMSAN ensures to achieve the goals determined to the highest level together with its employees by organizing management review and coordination meetings related to such goals.

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